About us

Foundation for Support of Ukraine is a Latvian NGO; the aim of Foundation is to provide Ukrainian soldiers and civilians suffered as a result of Russian aggression in the Eastern Ukraine.

There are five members of the board: Tax consultant Mrs. Māra Niedra, Dr. Haralds Plaudis, president of Latvian Association of Surgeons, Dr. Renārs Putniņš, neurosurgeon, Dr. Pēteris Apinis, president of Latvian Physicians’ Association, and  Dr. Jana Streļeca, member of Congress of Ukrainians of Latvia (latter is chairman of the board).  The idea belongs to neurosurgeon Dr.Renārs Putniņš. Dr.Putniņš and Dr.Apinis visited Ukraine in August and what they saw there summed up in decision to help. 

Foundation collaborates with entrusted volunteer organizations from Ukraine in order to avoid corruptive schemes or internal power struggle.

Foundation takes care of all aspects of patient stay in Latvia – starting from travel documents and ending with entertainment.

Foundation receives strong support from Latvian Embassy in Ukraine and Ukrainian Embassy in Latvia.

Donations are made by private persons and organizations and enterprises. 100% of the donations is used for treatment (and transportation) of injured Ukrainians, no costs are used for administrative expenses except for covering bank bills (around 4 euros per month).

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