Eye Prostheses for Four Wounded Soldiers Fitted in Latvia in February 2016

In February four Ukrainian soldiers injured during war with Russia came to Latvia for eye prosthetics – although this is procedure does not have an impact on patient’s vision it helps patient to regain usual looks and return to society. In total five prostheses were fitted – one soldier received two (as per his request), and three soldiers received one prosthesis each (the cost of one prosthesis is 350 euros, total cost of all 5 prostheses 1750 euros were donated by ocularist Mr.Valters). Guys were accompanied by volunteer psychologist from Kyrovohrad Military Hospital.

In addition,  two of the wounded soldiers underwent examinations and consultations.

Total expenses covered by our Foundation were 751.70 euros (examinations, consultations, flight ticket for psychologist and two nights in a hotel).

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