One Year Results (2014/2015)

Since the Foundation was established one year ago, it has ensured treatment and rehabilitation in Latvia of more than 9 Ukrainian militaries wounded during anti-terrorism operation (ATO) in Eastern Ukraine. Majority of patients has required microsurgical or orthopaedic surgery on extremities, and this is the field where Latvian clinics are well-trained and well-equipped providing the same quality as Western or Israeli colleagues but for lower cost. Young injured members of Ukrainian society have been given a hope to return to their normal everyday life.


  • 26 years old junior sergeant of Ukrainian army has undergone microsurgical prosthetics of the sciatic nerve and rehabilitation of knee joint. He has returned to Latvia for a control visit after half a year after the operation and most probably there will be one more operation needed within next year and a half.
  • 23 years old soldier of special force unit of Ukrainian army has undergone microsurgical prosthetics of the ulnar nerve and rehabilitation of elbow joint. He has returned to Latvia for a control visit after half a year after the operation and most probably there will be more operations needed within next year.
  • 29 years old soldier of Ukrainian army underwent neurological rehabilitation after a severe cerebral injury and a fracture of both lower arms.
  • 34 years old “cyborg” – defendant of the Donetsk airport underwent rehabilitation after a fracture of the right lower arm.
  • 22 years old soldier of Ukrainian army underwent orthopaedic surgery/rehabilitation for restoring knee joint and straightening hip after a complex shot injury;
  • 27 years old senior lieutenant of Ukrainian army has undergone microsurgical operation restoring arterial blood vessels and nerves of lower right arm and a complex rehabilitation. He will need to return to Latvia for elbow arthroscopy and microsurgical restauration of palm and thumb functions in the beginning of the next year.
  • 32 years old soldier of National Guard and 22 years old paratrooper of Ukrainian army have undergone further operative treatment when the previously received treatment had not been sufficient.
  • Ensured rehabilitation of 26 years old sergeant of Ukrainian army after microsurgical operation on plexus brachialis.
  • In collaboration with the Foundation Latvian ocularist Valdis Valters did prosthetics of eyes in Kiev – he inserted 28 permanent, 6 temporary ocular prosthesis and consulted 66 patients (injured during ATO, Maidan protests and also children after osteosarcoma operations);
  • The Foundation has helped to carry out Latvian State funded medical aid program of treatment of injured Ukrainian soldiers where 20 persons have received treatment and/or rehabilitation.

Due to security constraints detailed information about ongoing projects is not publicly available. More details are available in a closed Facebook group.

Patient Selection and Fundraising

Foundation collaborates with entrusted volunteer organizations from Ukraine in order to avoid corruptive schemes or internal power struggle.

Foundation takes care of all aspects of patient stay in Latvia – starting from travel documents and ending with entertainment.

Foundation receives strong support from Latvian Embassy in Ukraine and Ukrainian Embassy in Latvia.

Donations are made by private persons and organizations and enterprises. 100% of the donations is used for treatment (and transportation) of injured Ukrainians, no costs are used for administrative expenses except for covering bank bills (around 4 euros per month). Fundraising is done in collaboration with the most established Latvian charity “Ziedot”.  Detailed information on spent funds can be found here:

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